Horses and Humans in Harmony

Equine Assisted Learning is a hands-on educational program that uses the interactions and developing relationships between horses and humans in an environment of learning and self-discovery.

The Program is designed to promote personal growth and the development of positive social/life skills in a fun and supportive environment. Through a curriculum of activities designed to address individual goals and needs, each equine interaction is framed to help veterans learn and grow. The barn/farm environment naturally lends itself as a unique multisensory classroom.

Veterans will be taught basic guidelines on how to safely and effectively work around horses in various situations which will lead to developing safe and respectful relationships between human veterans and their equine partners.

A veteran’s relationship with a horse can provide emotional insights and promote self-understanding. A tremendous boost in self-esteem and confidence comes from learning how to establish boundaries and then direct a thousand-pound creature by using mental focus and clarity of intent.

Why are equines such an integral part of equine-assisted learning?

Horses are prey animals and although they are domesticated, they retain their natural flight instincts. They are HIGHLY sensitive animals with keen eyesight and hearing and are always on alert. Horses are exceptional at reading non-verbal communication. They do not judge. They allow for the establishment of trust, safety, boundary setting, and tenderness.

Skills learned in our 6-week program for veterans:

Classes are 90 minutes long and veterans will come once a week. The program will continue for 6 weeks. There is no charge to Veterans for this program.

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